The storage bed can be openened by lifting the slatted base and the mattress thanks to an opening mechanism which combines humand and gas springs energy.

Gas springs' power has to be adjusted to the mattress weight in order to allow reasonable human effort. Otherwise the effort required to lift the slatted base and the mattress would be too much.

What is the weight of a mattress?

The weight of a mattress depends not only on its size, but also on its technical features, its structure and on the materials used. For this reason two mattresses of the same size may have a significant difference in weight. The weight of a mattress is us

More powerful gas springs for heavier mattresses

Gas springs provide direct support for safely lifting weights. They work by forcing, under pressure, an inert gas into a cylinder. When the rod inside the gas spring is either compressed or extended, the movement of gas and oil within the cylinder creates


Gas springs are an essential element to lift slatted base and mattress. If a mattress is heavier or bigger than another one, or if the lifting device is different, the power of gas springs has to be adjusted to guarantee minimum human effort.

The mattress in a storage bed by Oggioni

The mattress is a very important element in Oggioni storage beds, as its size and weight are crucial for the perfect functioning of the opening mechanism. Some headboards have been designed to allow inserting the mattress inside the headboard in order to



Easier to open and to make with Levitec ®

Opening and lifting device to make the bed without effort every day and to enable easier accessibility to the storage unit

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