Oggioni is a family run business which started in the 1950s. The firm began to manufacture the first bed springs with innovative industrial techniques.
Oggioni then invented the first transformable beds which represent the first space-saving solutions to arrange home furniture in the best way.

Oggioni began to manufacture metal beds creating a successful and original collection.

Oggioni presents the first collection of upholstered beds and in 1988 manufactures the first storage bed called Magico. It was one the greatest innovation in furniture manufacturing and in 1990 the first opening device for storage beds was designed.

In 1991 Oggioni designs Riletto, the first bed which turns into a table.

In 1996 a new opening device is designed for a new upholstered bed called Facile. In 1997 Pocket, the first wooden storage bed is manufactured by Oggioni. In 1998 Bravo upholstered bed is manufactured, it is the first and up to know the only storage bed with an external height of 18cm.


In 2004 Oggioni presents LevitecŪ, a patented lifting and opening device, which allows you to make the bed with no effort, as there is no more need to bend over.